What is the purpose of a dog's tail wag

2016-04-19 20:33
from a historical point of view
It means it's smiling -
... dogs can't control their tail wag ... so it shows their feelings ... the position of the tail can show whether the dog is feeling friendly, threatened, cowed, aggressive, etc.
Dogs use their body to communicate."How high or low the tail is held, in relation to how the dog's breed naturally carries its tail, and how it is moved can signify the dog's mood. When the tail is held high, it shows that the dog is alert and aware; the tail between the legs means that the dog is afraid or frightened. If the fur on the tail is also bristled, the dog is saying it is willing to defend itself or pups. If the dog does not have a tail, or it has been shortened or removed via docking, then similar actions may occur with just the hind quarters.Small, slow wags of the tail say the dog is questioning things around the environment it is in. Either it is not sure whether it is the target dog or the person around it is friendly, or it is not sure what is going on or what is expected of it to do. Large, fast wags of the tail may be a sign of a happy, excited, or an energetic dog, but can also signal aggression.Dogs are said to exhibit a left-right asymmetry of the tail when interacting with strangers, and will show the opposite, right-left motion with people and dogs they know."http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog_communication#Tail
most mammals who walk on all fours because of their body structure need a tail. it helps them with balance. great way to keep flies off their @$$ too because their paws can't bend to it.
to tell that it is happy

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