How do I stop a guy from spreading rumors about me?

2016-04-19 17:56
One of my guy friends is telling everyone at school that I am dating one of my other guy friends and i am NOT DATING HIM! HELP!
Don't give a damn what other thinks about you, Cross your middle finger to them & live your life, you would do anything you want, non of their business that you are really dating or not, this is your life not theirs , enjoy life by your will not people's thoughts, & Just focus without caring about their drama Good Luck.
Confront him about it
bribe him
He's not much of a friend .... ask him to stop.. People who know you will know the truth, and who cares about the people who don't know you. You are giving him WAY to much power, stop reacting and he'll stop, he'll having way too much fun getting a reaction out of you.

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