Writing ideas please?

2016-04-18 15:51
I'm in middle school and want to write a story to take my mind off of some problems I have. I want it to be about middle school and what really takes place there. I need ideas about what to write about in the story. Nothing cliche, though. I want it to be about different characters in different cliques and groups, and how their lives are different. the potheads, cool kids, etc. Is this overdone? how can I put a twist on it? thanks in advance. <3
How about writing about groups that are at odds in a situation where they all have to work together and the ultimate discoveries when they find how looking past labels and stereotypes reveals some extraordinary people--all on the way to a goal requiring cooperation to reach.
When I was in middle school all the cool kids ate in caf one and all the dorks ate in caf two. Write a story about a cool nice girl who eats in caf two and pretty soon caf two is the cool place to eat with all the unique personalities of the dorks!
hmm appending world destruction

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