What muscle is used to do a back walkover?

2016-04-16 09:44
I go to the gym everyday.. I use to do cheerleading. And I want to get back into it. So I'm working out the muscles used... But I'm trying to learn to do a back walkover... But I have no idea how to do it I'm weak. In my abdominal area I guess? What do I do at the gym to improve my back walkover to make easier
usually the leg you use first on everything is the main muscle being used because you use all your force to kick over
Your leg muscles have to be strong, because your legs and your arms are holding your body off the ground. You also have to stretch your back before you do back walkovers, because if you don't, your back cracks and then you can get cramps and stuff.
WELL good for you u were fat anyways loll JK

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