This kinda embarrassing for me, But I'm 13 and I'm really overweight, I need some suggestions.

2016-04-15 19:08
I'm 13, and I'm really overweight. I've tried losing weight before, but I don't know why my mind tell me not to. I REALLY want to lose weight. I don't want to die at a young age, nor do I want to get a heart attack, or diabetes. The thought of getting diabetes or a heart attack scares me. Sometimes I'll like cry because it's so scary. I have a friend though who tries to help me. She's really nice and thin, and knows a lot about health. We go running at a track near by, but the thing is she's always busy which means I can't go. This might sound dumb, but I don't like my family talking about my weight, and I don't like when they try to help me, their advice isn't that helpful in my opinion. I really want to lose weight so when I go into highschool next year I won't get made fun of for being fat. Any suggestions to help me? (Plz no mean comments! :) )
Work out or go biking
your exactly like me i just got this new tea called mate fit today i will see if it works its supposed to be good for losing weight
If there's a will, there's a way.
If you have a smartphone you can download a calorie counter so you can keep track of your calories. You can also go jogging alone, if you're embarrassed about being seen, you can wear a hat. If you ever feel like binging, drink some water, or look at a picture of the size you're wanting to be. What I do to keep me motivated is write my goal weight on my hand so I'm reminded of what I want to be. Good luck~!!
Ok the Primal Blueprint explains the best way imaginable to eat now a day. Heres there web site I would read on it if I were you. this will help take done lots of weight, and get you the healthiest person in school. Following there diet does take you off of a lot of things you will miss. Reading this cook book called Primal Cravings will let you eat some of your favorite meal. But, they will be so healthy for you. Try to cut back on normal food in a long period of time. If you just stop out of the blue it will hurt your body more. Try to stop the addition of eating bad food and drinks. You are young you will be thinner and healthier in now time.
u can always run by urself!
what do you do after school? you have time to commit to doing activities?....have you been to a doctor?-not to scare you, but sometimes an under-active thyroid causes weight gain....easy blood test, and no fear (not a big deal) tiny pill like a tic tac fixes that....if you are healthy by other means, then you need to commit to healthy! no BIG meals...use a salad plate to serve and eat one serving portioned, most of all, do not drink calories, water,water,water...NO soda, no sugar drinks, just water, and a juice thats naturally sweetened is ok once in a while...NO additives. And get ride an hour a day, jog, walk around for an hour a day, find something to be a sport etc....your body may change anyway and when you sprout up, you may thin out a bit as well...but being healthy is key, you can be skinny but sickly inside as well if you don't take care of no worries, good luck
You can always eat health and try new thing to stay in fit. Take care of your self from know and you'll be ok later on :)
Yeah you can always run by yourself though.Exercise in your room and you can do some Cardio workouts. Set up a chart and stuff. Calculate how many exercises you do. Such as sit-ups, push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, jump rope, burpees, lunges, squats, ect.Or you can go swimming. A lot of people enjoy swimming and it's a really good exercise. And you don't feel too sore after.You can go bike riding. That's really good exercise too...You'll want to give up but keep going and make it into a habit. Just don't overdo it and hurt yourself..Keep track of your calories. Make healthy choices. Substitute junk food with awesome healthy foods (Salad, grapes, apples, strawberries, bananas, etc.). If you get tempted to grab those bag of Cheetos, imagine yourself skinny and think about how eating a bag of Cheetos isn't worth it. Only drink water. It's good for you and you can fill yourself on water so you won't eat as much. It's hard but you'll get used to it after awhile. You'll pee a lot too...Hope this helps :/....
ask a health teacher to help you. you sign up for sport. you should ask a parent, siblings, someone. you trust. read about tips. eating and how eats will determine if you lose weight or not. Talk your doctor he or she should point you a direction. make a habit of things or you won't change anything. don't think the worst be confident. train your mind to be tough.
Exercising- 70% of your diet should be exercising and 30% of it should be food. It all starts by having a gym membership and being commited, and plus soon you'll have summer vacation so it'll be perfect timing. Take a month membership, and don't gove up. Ask your mother to buy you less sweets/ sugary stuff, and eat more salads and protein (especially fish & chicken)

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