Please share where to buy a free-standing electric oven or cooker not gas?

2016-04-14 12:35
Hi all, We have been looking every where for a free-standing electric oven with cookers on top but can't find them anywhere. Apaprently most people have a built-in or gas electric oven . Where we live we cannot have gas. In Fortress they only have ONE model but the power voltage is 2.5 times higher than HK standard so it will ignite the fuse. Even the staff said no one buys them! Any suggesions will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you.
As it is titled for gas electric oven from electric oven is featured of durability as all the electric oven products are certificated by international quality authority. We?re your trust-worthy electric oven manufacturer in China. Choose from our wide range of electric oven products, you will find what you need.?
If you mean a regular electric stove, they can be purchased in many places. Home Depot, Lowes, etc.
try craigslist..i see them there all the time...

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