If DNA test proves ex is not my childs father can I change her last name without him signing?

2016-04-13 19:18
The law doesn't really care who the biological father is, it only cares about who is the legal father of record. If he was your husband at the time if birth, he's the legal father. You cannot go around changing people's names without legal process.
Changing any name is a legal process no matter the circumstance.
Yes. If he is not the father of the child he has no right over her.But if he is the father then just take him to court and challenge him for custody.If you win full custody then you can change her last name with no ones consent but your own.And you can forbid him from seeing her. And get a restraining order to help keep him at bay.
You cannot change her name without him signing, if the birth certificate shows that he is the father. Once the name appears in the certificate, you need a trial case to prove it wrong. However, you can talk to him and tell him to sign it to make work easier for the both of you.

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