Do you need a driver's learning permit if you are 19 years old?

2016-04-13 03:24
My boyfriend is 19 and I want to know if he needs a driver's learning permit that has to do with all those driving hours before getting your official drivers license. Seeing how he is 19 and no longer a "minor" would that mean he still needs the permit in order to get his license? Or could he just take the driving test and get his license without having to do all the driving hours that the permit requires?
Yes, you need a permit before a license. That's the law in every state. But how long you have to wait (after you pass your permit test) depends on the state. In PA if you are over the age of 18, you only have to wait 2 weeks to go for your license.
If you've never gotten a license, yes.
Yes but he want have to wait the full 6 month like a minor. Well that's how it is in the state of Alabama. If your 18 years or old you can actually get your permit and license in the same day '
still need permit.

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