Most of my teachers do not teach?

2016-04-12 21:48
Seriously. My history teacher basically just tells us to make a skit or a poem about the lesson, without actually teaching it or giving us notes. My biology and geometry teacher just reads off the textbook. ALMOST WORD FOR WORD. My English and foreign language teacher are the only ones that teach. My technology teaher doesnt teach much. My creative writing and art teacher yells at us the entire the period, barely getting work done. Also my health teacher doesn't move ahead of one lesson. Lol sorry for my ranting. I just really care about my education and this just makes me worry about my and my pupils' futures. We have to teach ourselves the material and there are some thing's I(we) just don't understand.
Ikr my teachers r the same way. I learn the stuff I need to know, at my house. I google stuff that I need to know about math, science, social studies, etc
Give a copy of Rita Pierson's TED talk on disc or thumb drive to each of the teachers that you think need to expand their abilities. You can see the talk here: They don't even need to know it's from you. There are multiple extremely powerful talks on the site. If they don't respond to that one, perhaps give them a different one a little later. Every bad teacher knows in their heart that they are failing, but they are just stuck - I think these TED talks can help.

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