Can someone give me a good schedule to follow to lose weight

2016-04-12 18:32
Like what I should eat to lose weight and when I should eat it. I am 13 going 14
Try whole grains,brown rice,brown pasta,no red meat,you can eat chicken,don't eat anything boiled in oil,like chips,fries n' stuff.But since you have a growing body you shouldn't live on diet food,eat ''normal'' food once in a while so your body wouldn't get used to diet food.Try cardio if you want to lose weight little more,nothing that builds muscle,like gym n' stuff(No gym),because it can reduce your growth,trust me I'm 14 going 15.
I dont know about eating but I know about drinking. you can drink coffee with silk milk (no sugar) , 8 glasses of water , smoothies , low fat milk , green tea. and go on the swing and swing back and forth for 1 hour and you will lose 200 calories. hope it works for you
Don't drink milk!!!!!!!
8 glasses of water may be way too much within a day. Ignore that info. Drink when you are thirsty, that's all.Try to avoid eating carbs for 5 days out of every week. Avoid carbs such as pasta, noodles, chips, muffins, french fries, potatoes & bread. But don't feel bad about eating those carbs 2 days out of every week.But really, you shouldn't be worrying about your looks, ... Don't allow what is on T.V. or being 'online' make you feel bad about your weight. And definitely don't allow males to make you think you need to be skinny. A healthy and happy life is better than destroying your life trying to be skinny.
get they spoon called calorie count. it will set out a schedule and goes to meet. my wife and I have lost 40 pounds with it.
eat yogurt?

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