Why does my family think I'm gonna turn out like my older sister?

2016-04-10 12:19
everytime I say something that she used to say or do something that she used to do, why does everyone in my family think I'm gonna turn out like her...I don't want to be a idiot, I wanna be smart and good at sports and not guys I DON'T want to be like her!! why do they say that? :'(
Just be yourself, sometimes they say that coz you both think a like or say the same but prove them wrong. Focus on what you love to do and be optimistic in everything. Make it a challenge for yourself and strive hard and make a name of yourself and a shadow of your sister or be called like your sister. Hope all is well and hope you feel better
Hahahha well this is very common. I have one older sister and at least 2 people say we're twins because we talk the same, look the same ect. Anyways probably the reason is because if you guys are similar in looks or the way you act people could think your growing up to be like her. Even though you might have differences because your sisters they just think you guys are going to be the same.
Prove them wrong:" The best Revenge is a life well lead"
Everyone is smart in their own way . Ignore what people tell you, just do what you have to for your self
everybody eats, drinks, walks, sleeps. we do the same things day by day. you family don't really think you are going to be like her. They just say it, because you are family.
just prove them wrong then they will be the screw-ups not you
they think ur gonna follow in her footsteps
They think you gonna follow her steps, happened to me with my old cousin and now i'm only similar in very little to him, move on, they being too dramatic for my opinion, happens a lot.
You are have the same environment, but you just need to be yourself.

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