Why do shots hurt me so much?

2016-04-10 07:18
Yesterday I had to get two shots. All my friends and my mom assured me it was just a small pinch. The first shot hurt so much I couldn't help screaming and the second shot was no better. I got a flu shot and a shot that starts with a G, it prevents certain female cancers. If the shots wouldn't've helped me later, I would've not allowed the nurse to give me the second, it hurt so much.
wait till you get a epidurel with a big horse needle in the back then you will know what needle pain is
Maybe because you flinch or flex your muscle with receiving the shot which will hurt alot
Shots always hurts everyone. You flinch ... it makes you hurt all over. Duhhhhhh
low pain tolerance most likely..and I guarantee you were tensed up,with anything from shots or taking out a splinter or even a bullet..I breath in and out slowly and relaxed knowing that it'll be over faster and easier that way..look away and don't think about it..it'll help
Don't ever have a kid! YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!
Maybe you're just one of those people who don't have much pain tolerance.
Fear of the shot makes you tense up. Your muscles are contracted and stiff, which makes it harder for the needle to penetrate and more tissue is damaged. I had the same problem for years. Now I look away and try to ignore it so I don't actually know when the needle goes in and don't tense up. My last flu shot I literally didn't feel at all. I was still waiting for it when she put the band aid on.
I have a high pain tolerance so I've never had one that hurt just a poke.
NononononooooooEgg and cheese mustard and salami origami
Everyone has different tolerance levels. you just have a very very low tolerance to pain
The one that begins with a G is most likely Gardasil. It prevents the human papillomavirus. And that shot is one of the most painful shots there are. You screaming while getting that one is pretty much par for the course and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. As for the flu shot, you probably wasted your time with that one. They missed the mark on guessing what flu would be going around this year, and the shot doesn't cover it.
You're just sensitive. I'm like that with my teeth; things that people tell me won't hurt at all hurt like heck! You're just going to have to deal with it, or see if there's any way the shots can be given to you in any other form; just be happy that you don't need to get shots all that often.

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