What do I do when someone I love ignores me?

2016-04-10 02:59
I've liked this girl for 2 years. She's the girl who helped me to figure out my sexuality, and she is my best friend. Anyway, over the summer we talked and I told her I liked her and she said she liked me too. Well, when school started she ignored me and acted like everything we said over the summer doesn't matter. Well, she ignoring me again because last night on the bus I was getting a bit touchy and ended up rubbing her and yeah.. Now she won't even make eye contact with me and it hurts so bad..
You messed up.... Most girls need years before you start doing that to them. My advice is that you stop her in a hall or something and tell her you're sorry and that loosing her was the worst thing that ever happened to you.. something like that.
You are both maturing as adults. You change a lot during teenage years. Don't expect things to not change.
She might be embarrassed, she might not want others to know about your relationship, or maybe she's not sure anymore, changed her mind.She probably doesn't want to say anything so she's ignoring you, hoping you get the message.These are only guesses, you will need to come out and ask, but don't expect an honest answer judging by the shutout, either way stop any physical contact in public places. Good luck!

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