Should I stay in homeschool or should I go bak to public school?

2016-04-09 06:16
i was in public school and i loved it but after 5th grade I moved so my mom told me to try homeschool I did and I've been in it for 3 years? but I decided I didn't like it so much so last year I went to a different public school for a week and I didn't like it either. so I'm bak in homeschool and I'm trying to decide if I should go bak an try public school again next year for 10th grade? ppl are telling me I just have to get used to public school because it's a good experience and a lot of fun.
well te people ar? right public. school is a good experience . if your not a weirdo .
Yeah, yeah I think you should definetly go back to public school. I know some aspects of it suck, and if you're not good with people or if the people at your school are just hard to get along with it might be awkward, but it'll be good for you anyways.
Public school might be a good idea. They probably teach you that there is a "c" in the word back.
I would highly recommend that you give public school an honest try. A few weeks doesn't count as it takes longer than that to adjust, meet new people, and feel like you belong. The things you learn about getting along with people are really important lessons; it's better to learn them in school than in the first few jobs you have. If you just start college, or just jump into a job, you are likely to experience culture shock that is just that much more difficult to deal with when you are already learning new stuff.
Sometimes there are advantages to having a standard high school diploma. However, many public schools are so bad that you might be better off learning from your mother. If your local school is good, I'd recommend going to it.

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