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2016-04-02 14:42
I have acne between my eyebrows, and I wash my face and everything. You can't see my acne at night, nor on the weekends. My acne only shows up when I'm at school, and I'm not even stressed. Like during 6,7,8 period my acne is most noticeable, why, and what can I do to stop it.
Make sure you don't touch your face a lot during the day because bacteria could build up. If you apply toothpaste on your face overnight, it works.
Could be hormones. Could be oils building up on your face during the day. If you touch your face a lot too. Use acne prevention pads or a tissue to blot extra oil build up from that area and see if it helps.
well the most you can do is try some makeup (like only put some on when you are gonna got to those periods )good luck:)
Have you tried prescription remedies? I have tried them and it has worked, if not, talk to a doctor or dermatologist.
My sister had this happen to her. When she got her eyebrows done she had acne there for a while. Use a anti-blemish cream from neturagena and you should be fine ;)

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