What is a great, inexpensive birthday gift for a 30 year old man?

2016-04-02 11:24
I'd like to do something sweet for my boyfriend. He is turning 30 in a few weeks. We haven't been together long, but already he has made a great & positive impact in my life & for that I am truly grateful. He works so hard & takes such great care of me. I just want to show him that he is appreciated.
Any gift from you would say that, not a specific gift.
A watch you can buy one in any price range,cuff links if he's into French cuff,belt,surprise birthday party,
I agree with SilverBlaze. Most guys are basically easy to buy for, they really aren't complicated. I'd suggest something he can use or something related to an interest or a hobby. Make or buy his favorite dessert, too. Guys love that crap!! LoL
Make him a special meal. Create a table with table cloth, Flowers or balloons, with candles. Have the beverage he likes best, an appetizer, main dish, his favorite dessert. Look your cutest and wear you biggest smile for him :)
Get him something of something fictional that he likes for example my mom got my dad a batman towel when they were dating and it's in my house today and I'm 15 now and they had me after they got married another my girlfriend got me a t-shirt of the office and I wear it a lot and love it. Guys aren't picky when it comes to gifts at all
Well I guess just buy whatever that he likes that is not expensive and besides if he loves you,he'll be okay with anything you get for him... :)
1st thing that comes to mind cant be said on here, so i'd say a nice card with some type of cake.

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