How to ask someone kindly to stop staring at you?

2016-04-01 04:08
There is always this guy who stare's at me in class while I'm trying to do my work, is there a way I can kindly tell him to not do it because I cannot focus on my work. He also always tries to start a conversation with me but I am not interested. I am a woman if that helps.
Just say you are distracting me in class and I really need to concentrate.
Just tell them, "Take a picture. It'll last longer."
Pick your nose with dramatic emphasis while he's looking.
just avoid it ...and make that girl/guy awkward; it will stop soon :-)
Tell the teacher the problem and don't look at the person because he probably thinks your checking him out. Move to the back or the front of the room or see if you can take the same class at a different time. Good luck!
If I answered this it would be in violation of the man code and they'd take my man card away and make me drive a Prius.
In a polite, and gentle manner, ask him to stop it. When we were kids, and we'd come home, and say to our Mom, "Mom, Johnny was staring at me all day at school today." My dearest late Mother would ask us, "How do you know that Johnny was staring at you, because in order for you to know that, you must have been staring back at him." Didn't make sense then, but it makes perfect sense now. In other words, you must be looking at him, to know that he is looking at you, otherwise, you would never know that. :)))
when he is peering at you slowly raise the middle finger of your left hand.

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