What's your most embarrassing/ awkward flirting story?

2016-04-01 03:23
Heres mine I accidentally broke my glasses, so I had to wear my old pair while I waited for them to get repaired which are not in the best of shape anyway I was at the mall to pick up a few things and started flirting with the cashier I was in the middle of my best line when...the lens fell out of my glasses
I've never had awkward flirting thank GOD. Just be more confident.
I was flirting with this guy and he was my boyfriend and i was twirling my hair and it was outside and i didn't notice that a bee had just landed on the top of my head and my boyfriend wacked my head and I started yelling at him and then he told me why he did it and i just kinda awkwardly stood there like oops!
I was talking about this girl I hate...and the guy I liked, was dating her
y do u wanna know?
lol that's good, Okay time for mine. I was in a bar about half a year ago, flirting with this lady drinking at the bar beside me(I had noticed she was ordering hard shots like me), about 10 minutes in her boyfriend(soon to be ex) walks in sides right next to her and asks is she needs anything from Walmart. Conversation ends for about 5 minutes, until she finally says she's going to be done with him in about a week for not paying his half of the rent and we both nervously chuckle.

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