Best free multiplayer games on steam?

2016-03-30 10:20
i have a low spec pc, i willn't run dota 2, tf2, or planetside 2 :<
try playing CS-Go with steam
CS-GO is just like COD now with all the overly buffed weapons and ridiculous competitive mode cool down reasons. If you do one thing wrong or that is right and the team does not agree the whole server vote kicks you. Every lobby you go to someone uses the AWP and mows down your team. If your a fast learner like me, your good, but you cannot escape the AWPs. This is why I play Team Fortress 2 now. If you can't run it I'm sorry but your in a bad situation. I had a really high spec computer and still CS-GO lags on every server because of the host's horrible connection
Warframe, Tribes: Ascend, and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms are all good free games on steam.

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