What makes girls attractive to guys? Like what about a girl makes them stand out more than others?

2016-03-29 10:33
Just wondering what guys look for in girls
A lot of it has to do with confidence. For example, if long hair is the style right now, and you aren't afraid to be different an cut your hair short, guys friend that confidence and individuality attractive. Not saying you need to cut off all your hair obviously but that the only example I have right now.
Every guy is different. I like....Intelligencekindnessgenerositypurenessinnocencebackboneathleticismsomeone outgoingif you're good looking, it doesn't hurthumorweirdnessoriginalitycreativityChristianFunLikes meDoesn't try to change me into someone I'm notLikes music (if they have a good voice, it is a HUGE turn on to me)I really like GREEN eyes and dark hair. I dunno why.
All about personal preferences. What you think you like. What you think looks good. From past experiences. What you can relate to is what makes one look better than the next. Got it? Yea baby Love ya
Personally, I like dark haired girls. I find that they're really cute. I'm not gonna say that their personality makes them stand out. When I first see them, I'm not gonna notice their personality.
certain guys like certain thingsi like shorter girlsidk whyalso like asians or girls with more of a punk theme clothing or shy girls or weirder onesjust depends
personality, don't ever let guys tell you different. if your personality isn't winning them over they're not for you. also don't just sit and wait to be noticed, find someone you actually like, and start up a conversation.
Everybody is different. I have to be physically attracted to someone first, so it's usually the face first, and if they're cute or adorable, I'll talk to them and see if I like their personality :P
I like a girl who is her own person. I really get turned off when they are carbon copies of their friends. I like educated girls, who can hold a conversation about many topics and have great opinions on things. Looks are a factor but not the most important to me. Also a girl that likes to have fun and joke around.

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