My friend just told me her big secret : she is bi now me and my friends feel mad uncomfortable around her how to stop fe

2016-03-28 21:41
I feel really guilty because I don't really like to be by her because she looks at me and my friends in a way and I'm like duh also I have nothing against gay lesbian or bi people
Sit down with your friends & her. Look at it this way. If she hadn't said anything about herself, would you still be friends? She told you because she trust you & you're her friend. You're not acting like a friend, She'll have enough criticism, as a friend she thought you would understand, because that's what friends do
Remember all the reasons she was your friend before she told you, those reasons have not changed. The only thing that has changed is you and your opinion. Its true that you need some time to digest the information but consider that any person you know could be bi, gay or what ever terminology you use, including your siblings.
Some people always think gay people are "looking at them weird". Get over yourself. It took a lot of courage for her to confide in you. Be a friend. Don't shut her out.
my cousin told me that first i felt very weird around her the first few days, but when days passed i just got used to it and act like if she never told me that in the first place. if she told you it then she trust you enough to not be so weird about it
I don't think your a real friend if you can't get over it and hang out with her..She would be devastated if she read this. And you did NOT think she "looked at you weird" Before you found out did you :D? Your not being her friend right now..

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