I'm seeing angels in my dreams. See disruption

2016-03-27 03:11
I have had this dream were I see this angel and she has feathers coming out of her wings and blood is dripping out. Her wings are pure beautiful white though. They are like a doves wings. She is also is crying. I ask her why are you crying? Why are you here? She turns and the angel is me. So she/me is saying, "Help me! Please! Help!"
Then this other male angel comes swooping down and says, "It's okay... I'm here."
He grabs her/my (whatever) hand with his and her wings stop bleeding and feathers stop falling out. Both of their glows grow brighter. She stands up and hugs him. They look in each others eyes and he says something I can't pick up.
I can't remember what the male angel looks like. I am really confused on the message of this. Because, aren't angels spouse to give you a message?
I think it's a dream, not a vision from God. The Angel could of brought you to Heaven to show you to God and then go back here to testify. I'm sure it's a dream.
I had a dream about angels where thy were in a war. Some are walked back to camp with gnarled wings while others lie in pools of blood. Bombs indicate more dying and it was the saddest experience of my life and one of the few times I woke up crying. I'm not religious so it doesn't mean anything. It's just a dream.
Pray to God and ask Him what it means... not us.. God Bless you
no connection between god and dreams its just your imagination
Just pray and know you are blessed for sure probly letting you know they or he she is there for you!
There is no message. Dreams aren't messages. They are memories from your subconscious mixed together randomly and playing while you sleep. They don't mean anything. They don't foretell anything, Don't worry about it.

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