How do I get over this?

2016-03-27 02:20
Ok so I was with this guy lets call him C for 8 months total then he broke up with me on Thanksgiving for "family problems" which I knew he had so I let that slide. So then I was missing him A LOT so then he called me on Christmas and asked me back out and of course I said yes because I missed him so much but he started acting different around me he was like way more sexual then he ever was before. So then the day after Christmas he completely changed his mind and broke up with me for no reason. Then my ex friend lets call her M told him lies and he completely turned on me and blocked me on everything. and Then M took my friend away from me and she's telling lies about me around the school and it makes me really scared. Also I recently found out he made out with M two days after we broke up. I've told my mom about it but still she can't really help me. I'm over him now but this is so hard to deal with i have been crying the past few days and felt the urge to cut… again… Help please?
u know what i do when i get dissed or dumped i get online and look at funny memes but tht wont help u can yell some crap out on a hill
Confront "M" in person and see what she has to say. (I bet she will deny it and lie) and tell "C" the truth. People like M (i've had friends like that) aren't true friends and deserve to not have any.
Three people I recommend you become acquainted with for the that won't ever fail you. The first is Jesus and the second is a pair of dudes named Ben & Jerry, whom make the best ice cream to heal any emotional wound.
You know, there isn't much you can do. You are going to meet people in your life that are just mean and are jerks. It is their problem and not yours. Don't let them get to you. I say if he blocked you on everything, GOOD! Why would you want any contact with someone who is going to believe a liar over you anyway? If you cut anything, let it be ties with him and M. They deserve each other. You will find someone who is better. Just give it some time. In the meanwhile go hang with some real friends.
go after another guy show him whos boss. theirs no reason to care just act like you dont give a poop and they'll lay off soon. dont hurt yourself please people care about you maybe not the assholes C and M but I promise you a huge amount of people do and you probably don't even know it

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