I want the last day of school to be romantically special...how?

2016-03-26 13:36
i am single and really happy, but the last day of school is coming up and all of my friends have boyfriends except for me, and now i really miss being all happy and with someone, and i really like this guy but i dont know if he likes me, and i really want something special to happen on the last day of school (romantically, of course)... i dont really know what im asking, maybe if there is away for him to notice me or something on the last day of school? please help it would mean a lot :) :)
first off the guy does the first move so if doesnt talk to u he DOESNT LIKE U and stop trying to force him! you'll SCARE HIM
listen if oyu liek him tell him now why not if he dosent he dosnt if he dose he dose but DONT make him feel bad if he dose be honest if he dont then just say oh okay im sorry and walk away no need for tears youlll find some one :)
tell him u like him
If ur too nervous to say it in person you can get a friend to tell him or you can jus send a note or a message/text. Youll never know until you try, and you only live once, go for it :)

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