Can you get your period early?

2016-03-26 06:38
I'm 15 and I got my period on Oct. 12 and it ended on the 18. Today is Nov. 6 and I got it.
yes it changes every once in a while. it should usualy stay the same every time but for every girl it is a diffrent time period
Yes. Your hormones are all over and periods can happen at random. I started getting them at 9 and because I was so young they were all over the place. I'd get 2 a month and then none for a month and then like 2 days. Just don't worry about it. After having it for a few years or getting on a type of birth control it regulates
That's perfectly normal. At your age, your periods have not regulated takes time. As you get older, they level off and you can be more predictable. Fun? No...normal? yes. Just think, only 40 more years of that! :)
I never had it at the same time. And I have had it forever. Normal for some of us.
Yeah it's norm when your young

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