I need help. (read below)

2016-03-23 23:29
So when I was little, I would always have the same nightmare for like two years, and I still do today sometimes. It was the same dream over and over, and they were nights I was really scared to go to sleep. I would dream that I fell out of bed, and I would look under it, and on the other side, I saw the devil... He had hooves as feet, and a tail that was flames.. If I screamed in my dream, he would pull me by the feet into the closet, and I could see this portal of some sort. If I didn't scream, he would look under the bed at me, and I would have to look him straight into the eye until I woke up. I'm wondering if the things that I see in my dreams can escape, and haunt me because I see this stuff today, as well as a lot of other stuff. I feel like I'm alone, and that God has given me these eyes and mind for a reason. I feel like that it may evenly be a sign of something. Please help! Thanks.
Before thinking something extraordinary is going on you should eliminate many possible ordinary explanations for what you are experiencing. A main one mental health and well being. Talk to your parents about this and see about seeing a mental health professional - you could have a mental or sleep disorder plaguing you. Also, FYI. that is the cartoon version of the devil, the devil in Christianity is suppose to be one of the most beautiful angels even after falling and can be deceptively not monstrous in appearance or actions.
You should go to a thryapist and its probably something but not a sign, your brain is probably remembering this nightmare because its scary and yeah hope you don't have this problem again=) oh and also if you belive in god hes probably giving you a sign to be closer to him and things like that =)
God is probably trying to do something and everything happens for a reason

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