If a rabid animal sees you, what will it do?

2016-03-23 12:12
As in, will it start growling? Will it just run toward you and bite you? Will it stalk you? I live in a rabies alert area and hunt. I would like to know what signs to look for and what it does if it sees me. Do they also have impaired vision and senses?
Rabies affects the brain and makes an animal behave in ways that it normally wouldn't. So an animal that is normally nocturnal might be active during the day or one that is normally timid may be more aggressive. I've never read anything about impaired senses, just impaired brain function - which can be the same, yes, but this is more behavioral. If you come across an animal that is behaving in ways that it usually wouldn't, stay far away from it. If you should happen to get bitten, go to your doctor or the hospital immediately. The medication to prevent rabies in a human that has potentially been exposed to the virus has to be given fairly soon.
All animals are different in that state of being. The symptoms are foaming from the mouth and unusual aggression. Just stay away from all wild animals and your fine
Chase you and bite you and scratch you and go crazy on you
It could. A man was recently attacked by a rabid animal near my area. I think a Bob Cat, he just went ballistic and charged the guy. The animals are in human terms "insane" and will or could become highly aggressive, if you see one you even suspect (foaming at the mouth, disheveled hair, prowling about at unusual hours, vocalizations) retreat ASAP.
Rabid animals in an advanced state of rabies do become extremely aggressive, act out of the ordinary for their species (in fact might act down right bizarre), losing it's fear & can become fixated on anything that moves & ferociously attacking & biting it. That is only in advanced rabies.If you've ever seen the classic movie "To Kill A Mockingbird", there is a scene where a dog is coming into the neighborhood acting crazy. Really scary.. It had advanced rabies.Earlier signs might not be visible yet, but the animal will often look somewhat unhealthy, probably starting with dehydration.Remember all mammals including bats can get rabies. You do not have to be bitten to contract rabies. It's is transmittable through bodily fluids, blood & saliva, (not sure about urine or feces, but I would imagine that would also be unsafe).Stay away from any wild animals, & don't encourage taking food treats from you.Since you will be in an area with a rabies alert, & you were to come into contact with a wild animal, be sure to wash any skin & clothing, & don't touch your eyes, nose, mouth or broken skin. you should get immediate medical attention. You should also check with the "CDC" for instructions for washing clothing & equipment.Chances are you will not have a problem, but you are wise to have inquired about this.
I have no idea, I do know though if something ain't acting right I'm killing it.
it definitely won't play fetch the ball ! :)

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