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2016-03-22 19:38
Ok,I'm on the Mirena BC (for a year) I don't get my period however, at the moment my breasts are sore, my lower back hurts so bad that I can hardly stand up & I have a headache. Its the backache that's the most annoying & I've never experienced anything like it. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this or know any helpful hints for backache as I've never had this before. Thankyou.
There are two stages when your periods stopped one when you are pregnant and other when you are more then 45 plus. But if you don't come under these two then you should contact some obs/gyan because there may be some pathology which is causing the obstruction and may be ovarian cyst or fibroid, or PCOD. It is to be treated urgently so that you can do hystactomy if doctors find some carcinoma path in uterus.
Well try to soak in hot bath or shower , sauna , hot tub , try icy hot in your back or a muscle relaxer
my niece is having hers removed next week do to all the above
Read up on the dude effects for Mirena. I believe it mentioned these symptoms.

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