problem with a girl please read details

2016-03-21 13:48
I'm 14 ( 3 months from 15 ) and the girl I like is 14 also and we like each other and I would to date her ( I know were young ) I mean I love her smile, her laugh is just contagious, she is never sad always happy and outgoing, and she is so beautiful there is so much that I genuinely just love.But the err o blem is her she was adopted by her grandparents who iv'e known since I was 3yrs old ( oh yeah my friend I have known each other since then ) and I don't to ruin our families relationship if anything goes south (which I would never want to happen ) should we take the risk of that happening and date??? Sorry about how long this was I just you guys to know everything but if there is anything else you want to know to help with your answer just ask. Ok sorry again thanks
don't date her. i lost my bff because he thought of me sexually, and that was just weird, think of it like having your sister or brother ask you out... it's really awkward.
Take the risk.You love her, she loves you... This may be your chance
ask her out, even if it doesn't work out, at 14-15 its not hard to rebuild a friendship:) I highly doubt it would ruin your family's relationships, if anything, you two dating could bring all of you closer!
Go for it.And if it tould go down south. try ending it on the best way you can to avoid family problems.
i'd so take the risk. since your young your relationship will be amazing and full of happy memories! im 14 and my boyfriends 15. and we share the most amazing memories you should really take the risk because if you love her and she love you that's all you guys will ever need. TAKE THE RISKK. dont let this opportunity get away from you.
I agree with everyone else :D take the chance, you'll neva know. if its doesn't work out try asking if u could still be friends and as u were :3 good luck *thumbs up*
You're too young. Yes: go for it ... In 5 years or so.
I've been dating my boyfriend for a long time now, and he's been a family friend since we were little. Our families are also very connected. We did break up at one point but got back together, and when we were broken up everything continued to be normal with the rest of the family and after awhile the relationship with him went back to a normal friendship ( and then back to a relationship, but that's not my point ) a friendship like this won't be messed up by a relationship at this age, I promise. You should go for her you sound very loving and respectful towards her :)
you got to risk it to get the biscuit.

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