How can you get a sponsor

2016-03-18 05:29
I skate sometimes but I like longboarding better and I would love to get sector 9 to sponsor me but how does it work
If you have good shiznit skill they will come to you, post stuff on youtube or something to get your name out there mang.
Film and edit a video and send it into sector 9. Might want to find videos of their team riders if you haven't already. That should give you a general idea of what you should be doing.
To get a company to sponsor you means that you have to sell them on the fact that it will be worth their while. The company you want the sponsorship from needs to know that your customer base will be interested in their product as well. They will also want to know how much exposure they will get at your event. All in all, getting sponsorship is a sales job!

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