My friend says having a relationship will make a person happier. is this true

2016-03-17 05:18
she says she has always wanted to be in a relationship. she gets sad when she sees people hold hands etc. she says that if she was in a relationship she would be happy
Not always, I'm highly introversial, someone who likes to be by themself (not shy), and although I will hang out with people I usually can't stand more than 2-3 hours and usually when you're in a relationship you spend way more time together.
Relationships will make you happy. I mean the right ones. But I also believe if you're not happy alone you'll not be happy with anyone else.
First you have to love yourself. Then & only then can you seek out a similar person to try to find happiness with.
Yes, I believe so. Being in love is a very blissful feeling, but then, there are usually times when love hurts.
You don't need someone to make you whole, happiness comes from within, if your friend thinks that,she is causing herself to be unhappy, you should tell her to love herself or she will be very heartbroken when she discovers that someone else cannot complete her
I have actually heard that people live longer when they are married because they have a companion/lover. Some men would just say it seems longer...........
Not all the time, if she gets into a relationship she can't get out of or the other person wants out(and gets out) it could leave her in worse shape than b4
not exactly, it depends on the person u r with. if u find a gud company.. ya surely life will be much happier and u never need a reason to smile. but if u switch to some1 stupid ...... just be ready to face the hell :)
Sometimes. In a relationship it's a two person job to keep each other happy. Showing affection usually makes people have hormones that attract each other even more aka a "turn on" and or make them very happy with the emotions given to them
Yeah I believe so because you have a reason to wake up in the morning and your partner brings joy and happiness into your life

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