How to increase your metabolism as a teen

2016-03-17 05:05
I eat very healthy and i do t drink any soda. I exercise a lot and im outside a lot, but i still have 5 inches of unwanted belly fat. Im not obese im just a bit overweight
Increasing your metabolism isn't healthy
If you're eating right and exercising, belly fat should drop right off. If not, you may need to fine tune your diet. I'm middle school I was actually obese and even when I started to lose weight, my belly stayed huge. Turned out that I ha an intolerance to wheat. Once I got rid of that out if my diet the extra middle I had dropped right off. If you don't have any food allergies try just cutting out any extra sweets, or even excess healthy food. Never eat until you're stuffed, only until you aren't hungry anymore. Good luck :)
Go on a gluten free diet

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