These days, why do boys start liking girls? not girls liking boys.

2016-03-16 22:40
its pretty weird
Boys like girls. Girls like cars and money. - Good Charlotte. Women are getting preconceived notions about boys/men and judge us all from those idiotic notions. Guys see a girl and go to talk to her, with very little, if any, preconceived ideas about her. Girls get talked to by a guy and the first thing they think is, "Oh great, another pervert who is only interested in me for my body.". You don't see many relationships built off of love anymore, you see that the guy likes the girl, and the girl is with the guy for reasons being whether it was convenient, he had money, or she just wanted to be married. DISCLAIMER: These are all my opinions based off of what I have seen and I do not claim this to be fact.
There's a girl that likes me
They start to look appealing

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