What if the Allies invaded Normandy in 1943?

2016-03-15 13:56
I say it would have fail. We did not have the experience, or the right equipment, let alone the best men power.
Can you say "Dieppe"? Sure you can!
Agreed...There was a lot of preparation that went into the planning of the mission. It would have failed and we could all potentially be speaking German today.
Would've failed probably--materiel just starting to coalesce- but it may only have been a setback. Big setback, absolutely. Fatal setback, unclear. Remember, germany had an eastern front that was catastrophic. Not sure German was in our future. What say others of you?
if the allies were able to do to the ploesti oil fields what they did to the heavy water manufactury in norway. maybe. but stalin and churchill hadn't yet made the cynical decisions about who gets what afterward. as good as it would have been to have a shortening of the war, I have real doubts about d-day coming a year earlier making it possible. as other responders have said, a lot of preparations hadn't been made yet. so.....?

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