Would you trust your girl friend and her ex who goes to the same church?

2016-03-12 12:40
my girl friend told me that her ex is still madly inlove with her, unfortunately they go to the same church,when I asked her if she has any sort of feelings for him also she told me no,but later on she told me that thanksgiving is coming up and she needs to get herself a suit to look good. I do not go to her church so I have no knowledge of what takes place and I've never meet her ex, I'm having a hard time trusting her should I ?
I would say that there is nothing going on with your gf and her ex. You are just insecure and a little jealous (which is normal) because you love her. But it's just that she doesn't want to look bad to her ex at church. Nothing would be going on with your gf and her ex if he is her ex. If you are suspicious? Why not tell your girlfriend you would like to meet this guy. Because you was just curious. It's normal that he could very well still like her and her not like him. But for your own peace of mind? Go there. At least if you meet the people you will know that if they gossip about them? You will know that there is an affair because church goers are the worst about spreading gossips-but usually the more honest about gossips.
Your girl is with you because she wants to be with you. If you're jealous, it's probably because of low self esteem, inferiority complex or deep down inside you know you're with a ho.
If you can't trust your girlfriend at a church, you need to reevaluate your relationship. You're being over jealous, and no girl finds that attractive. You don't have to go to church to know it's not a place to hook up with an ex.
hmmmmmmmmmm......normal jealousy. just have to trust your gf.
Usually at a church nothing would really happen, When it comes to relationships its all about trust. I would keep an eye out if she goes anywhere with her friends for a long time that could mean something.

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