What is a good dog food for a 12 year old dog

2016-03-12 02:17
she is kinda fat so maybe helps in diet. but I have another dog that is 3 years old. what should I do
It would probably help your older dog to have a food made for seniors. Feed them out of separate bowls. I have two dogs who eat the same food but get different medications; I throw the pills in with their kibble in their own bowls and it works very well. One of them eats a lots faster than the other and would steal the slower one's food if allowed; I put some of her food inside a Kong toy to force her to slow down. Another method is put a ball in the bowl of the fast eater's food. Eating around the ball makes the dog eat more slowly.Sorry, I forgot about what kind. There are lots of good brands out there. Choose one that has meat or poultry as the first ingredient. Dogs are carnivores and don't need a lot of grain. I'd avoid kinds with corn as the first ingredient.
We use Science Diet. There's different types & it works really well. (:

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