What i should i do? (Read)

2016-03-09 15:43
i have a friend that lies alot. like i have a game called habbo and she says that she has it but i know she doesnt. she acts like she knows everything that i know. its soo irratating. what should i do? im still gonna hang out with her no matter what, but what could i do? also she still believes in santa (we are 13 -.- ) she keeps saying that hes real and she saw him. like WTF. what should i do??
If she's a friend who cares. As kids we're part of a group & everybody fills a part completing the group. There's a brain, a jock, a comedian, a stud, an artsy fartsy, a fighter, a bragger, an idiot, a goody 2 shoes,& the 1 that sees themselves at the bottom of the heap, lacks what they think that others care about not to make anybody look bad, not to cause any trouble, just to feel that maybe they're as good as everybody else, at least allowing her to be an equal, she knows that it's a facade, & hopes that you buy it. I'd do nothing, why hurt a friend, will it make you feel better-if so than maybe you have a little problem. Have fun, let her think that she's as good as others in the group ---because she is-she just doesn't know it
if she irritates you so much by lying to you then dont hang around her but its your choice to hang around her or not. Good friends dont lie to their friends js..
Well, since you're determined to keep her as a friend (and I admire your loyalty), whenever she says she has what you have, knows what you know, or insists of believing things you feel are childish (13 is a bit late to be believing in Santa, so I doubt she really does), just look at her calmly and say, perhaps, "Oh, get real." Then go on with the conversation. You've made it clear that you don't believe the statement she just made, but you haven't started a fight that might damage the friendship. It isn't even an accusation of lying or making things up; it's just a request: Get real.
Umm tell her to stop being fake and get a new friend...
Ummmmm.....just relax...sit down with a bag of bacon not a cup or bowl...bacon in a BAG watch a movie and enjoy your bacon!
Some people say they know things because they simply don't care to know otherwise. If it is really annoying you, confront her, but is she really hurting anyone?
She sounds pretty delusional and acts a lot like my brother from what you described and my brother is delusional tell her to suck it up get real and that she's the worlds smartest person
She seems like she has lack of attention at home, or lack in self confidence. She probably thinks your cool and wants to follow in your footsteps so that she will b cool. Try to understand that she is probably going through something that you dont know about and help her through junior high.
Tell her that she needs to be her own individual. People are going to like her more for being who she is then who shes trying to be like.And if she says she believes in santa then it could be trying to get attention. If she truly does believe then just leave her alone about it. Some people are just that way.

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