I'm 13, how can I lose weight?

2016-03-08 12:31
I just turned 13, and I need help. I weigh about 120-125 pounds, and I know that's over weight. The majority of the girls at the school I go to are in good shape, and they don't even try. I love vegetables, and I excessive every day, I drink enough water and everything, but I can't seem to lose weight.
Girl, you BMI is at approximately 21.5 which is normal. The bmi range for normal is 18-24.9. You are probably beautiful, cute, and sexy.
How tall are you?Weight alone (regardless of age) is not necessarily an indication that one is overweight. So if you are at least 5'1 or so, you might actually be fine weight-wise.Other than making sure that you are making healthy food choices, I would suggest looking to exercises that work on toning, rather than strictly looking towards losing weight.
That is a normal weight for your age, don't worry about it.
If your are 5'1-5'5 your weight is fine, last night I asked my doctor that because my friend asked me the same question!
run around your block twice a day and get lots of exercise. also if you're really strong or tall than you're not over weight cause muscle weighs more than body fat

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