What's the best way to relocate? Going from PA-AZ. Will close my PA biz & secure work before moving-I need help w/ac

2016-03-03 19:35
Need help with the details of a cross country move & tips on securing employment long distance. In closing my business how should I approach prospective employers? Another option I'd need assistance with:would be how would I approach moving my biz with me, it's a service business, (drafting/AutoCAD) not sales - out should it be better to still close current biz & start as a consultant in AZ.
Any & all help would be greatly appreciated. The move looks like it will take place about two years from now. Residence is something we need not worry about, we have housing covered.
Are you re-opening your business or looking for a job position? Of course, anything long distance requires a lot of web search for business & home rentals. You can check out the City site, most cities offer employment opportunities or someone you can email for information.
To relocate to Arizona, you need to first plan ahead by establishing what your business needs in order to grow in the new state. You also need to organize for transportation which will require some cash. The important thing is to study the new market before the 2 years are over to know the entry point of your business. Visit http://www.ehow.com/how_2172021_relocate-another-state.html for more details.

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