Ideas of a story plot?

2016-03-03 11:57
I'm really bored so I decided to write a story. However, I can't decided what to write about. Any suggestions?
A girl wakes up and her eyebrows are shaved off. Have fun.
So there are these two brothers named alex and Jason. They are both top military recruits and tgeur whole family is dead. Their father was a leader of a rebellion against the United States but only Alex knows that. Alex also knows that they are brothers but Jason doesn't. Alex has a special job where a commander gives him a name and he has to find that person and kill them. The military doesn't want Alex and Jason to know but thet actually want them dead in case they are like their father. One day they give Alex a name to find and it is Ryan Rodgers. They are trying to trick him becaude this is his real identity and they don't think that he knows that but he does so he runs away and hides from the military and everybody. The military then comes up with a genius idea to have Jason go hunt down Alex and bring him back so that they have both of them so that they can kill them but first they need to get a code from Alex that only he knows. You can dexide what the code does. Jason goes and searches for Alex and when he finds him he tries to capture him but Alex fights back and tells Jason that they are brothers but Jason doesn't believe him so he keeps fighting. Alex finally convinces Jason that they are brothers. They begin hiding out together and they fugure out why their father was against the American government and military. They have been making a plan for years to kill every citizen they have and take over the world. Alex and Jason fight back against the military and win. Alex however gets shot at the end by another top recruit who had always hated him. Jason gets mad and kills the rest if the military at different times using foolproof strategies. At the end Jason takes the box that Alex had the code in and hides it.
A young African-American boy during the 1940's and his struggle against such things like the firemen's hoses and constant fighting towards him.

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