If my husband receives disability, I get benefits too, whose money is it?

2016-03-03 10:56
He says it's his money, I say it's mine because it's in my name & I had to sign for it.
A pay cheque would be in either of your names as well .. Household income belongs to both husband and wife equally. It is just as much an 'asset' as your living room furniture. If you were to divorce, all of your assets would be split between the two of you and you could further be entitled to a settlement if it is determined he must pay alimony, or child support out of that income (if he makes more) .. however, if you receive more, you may be the one who must pay him alimony.. a judge would decide.
As a married couple, its BOTH of yours. But if you want to get technical, i would think its his. Because its HIS disability check.
It's the one the money is for, he's the one who needs it, he's the one who's on disability. Why would you want it?

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