First year of football.(Read below)

2016-03-02 12:05
Im starting football for the first year and am in 8th grade.I'm kind of nervous.Any tips or things that i should expect?
To get injured, expect injury and soreness. Practices will be exhausting. Lots of bruises by the way if on offense, d will still get bruises
Things to expect: you will get beaten.Example; If you play on the line, at one point you be beaten. BUT not always, you have to train to get better and when you get beaten, DO NOT get discouraged, get angry and use it to your advantage. Basically im saying do not get discouraged if you get tackled or intercepted or whatever, but learn from it. Tip: I loved listening to some heavy metal music because it helps get your blood flow going, Another is to not give up, literally. If you truly give your all, even run when your lungs hurt, eventually it gets easier, because you get into shape. Reading that is easy, but when you're body fatigues, its a lot harder than it sounds. as long as you persist and keep going you will become better
Don't be scared football is fun plus it gets you a lot more friends
Make sure you understand where your pads go. Which pads are for which part of the body. I had my waist pads on my knees and my knee pads on my butt. LOL.
I used to coach pop Werner. When someone was a little apprehensive. I used to tell to scream when running the ball, or busting the line. And it worked for my players. If you think about getting hurt you will.JUST SCREAM if your doing well coach will hear and see you. Good luck! Have fun. I am old and still miss the game. Keep us posted.
You will be scared or worried about that first good hit until it happens. Get it out of the way as soon as possible. Listen to your coaches and have some fun.
You will learn a lot about life do have fun

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