What am I supposed to do now?

2016-03-01 16:53
I texted my crush YESTERDAY this,
"Hey uhm well we hug like everyday and I kinda started liking you. But I know you like someone else. so yeah."
He said, "Who do you think i like"
I said, "idk"
He said, "ok"
And that's how our conversation ended. He just like completely ignored the fact i just told him i liked him. he didn't say if he likes me back too or he doesn't and it's really bothering me. does this mean he doesn't like me back? Oh and today he smiled at me and still gave me a hug. :) Do I ask him "Hey so you don't like me back?" Or what do I do? Help!
Ok,what you need to do is just ask him in a text "Is the person you like me?"or if you want to make a direct approach then ask him face to face.either way,if he likes you he will most likely tell you yes.
Keep talking to him and try to edge your way slowly into his life try to give off hints that you still like him for example I really like you new jacket it clearly shows you beatiful side hope this helps
He already knows you like him so that is one step, you should defiantly ask him about his feelings toward you. He may like you back due to the fact he hugged you the next day, but also make sure you are ready for rejection because there is a very small possibility ( not trying to be a downer I am sorry) . I hope I was able to help you I hope it works out for you!!
Hmmm... I prefer that you would not ask him that because that's a little too far after just texting each other. It would be better if you get closer to him slowly till he becomes magnetic to you. (^_^)'/ Texting is not the best approach them in reality if you are trying to ask someone out. There's no feelings in it. Technology can't just show people how they feel for another. Receiving a text feels like receiving one from a machine. /(^_^)'
He probably likes you! Hence he never told you who he actually liked! Either that or there actually is someone else and he doesn't want to cause problems with you..I wouldn't worry about it, you two sound like the cutest friends-you should cherish that!
Well for starters why didn't you answer him back when you told him you know he likes someone else and he asked who? All you said was idk. Don't okay games, just ask him if he wants to do something sometime.
He sounds like a direct kind of guy and you seem to be fishing for an answer from him. You said, you know he likes someone else...how can you know that and not know who it is, sounds like fishing for information. Either be direct with him and prepare to accept that he doesn't like you in the same way or your courage might actually pay off, take a chance, don't live life guessing:)

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