any sound advice on whether I should join the navy?

2016-02-26 17:58
Hello friends I'm Indian, age 28,height 5'11", weight 152 lbs, no college degree ,I'm single, no kids. Live and work the motel owned by my friend's distant relative.I don't have a degree. Don't have a good job.
I am unable to decide whether I should join the Navy. Can someone tell me three reasons each why I would and wouldn't want to join the Navy.
I know working at the motel my future holds nothing impressive for me. I really want to do something worth while in my life. Get a high paying white collar job.
If you want to know more about me I can also send you my resume. Thanks.
You have the qualities that can help you join the army. Joining the navy requires one to have a high school diploma, good health and be at least 17 and not older than 34. This means you can apply. Get more details on
Joining the navy would be amazing! You would get to travel around the world, be respected by millions of americans because of your service, and be looked up to by many. There are also many jobs within the navy, that once you are in it, im sure you will find something you'll come to love.
A better choice for what you are describing would probably be the Air Force.
Don't join the Navy unless you like lots of fresh air, traveling the world, meeting lifetime friends and having the time of your life. Best thing I ever did.
I was in the army. If I were to do it again I would go into either the Navy or Air Force. Definitely the Navy if you want to travel. My advice to you is, if you want to get that white collar job, go to college first, the military will pay for it in exchange for your military service. Then you can join the military as an officer. If you go in the navy as enlisted you make $1516 per month as an E-1,as an officer you make $2876 per month as an O-1. So they pay for school, they pay you more per month, and you go in with more rank than any enlisted person.

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