Why do I have these thoughts?

2016-02-25 22:20
I have sort of like..well...pictures that pop up in my head that look like a Final Destination death. they appear in my dreams too. I've had them so much and so long but I'm not sure they keep coming. my doctor diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder but that can't have anything to do with it.
That can't have anything to do with it? That has everything to do with it... I'm sure it's from your disorder.
"Schizoaffective disorder" is a big deal. Are you sure you were diagnosed with this? If you are having these thoughts, you need to tell your doctor and have them resolved before they manifest into something else...
There's a saying: what fires together wires together. These thoughts are deeply embedded into your consciousness. If you want to change them, you have to replace them. Imagine the thoughts you'd prefer to have. Make affirmations, phrases that describe the perspective you'd like to adhere to, like I will... Or I am.... Then think about them throughout the day. This is not a quick fix but a process. Meditation is also a helpful tool. It allows you to watch your thoughts rather than participate in them.
What if that's kind of depression? I met some people who have depression always. They have bad and sad thoughts. They seem unhappy. Why am I thinking like this? First of all because of your nickname which is not fun. In some cases it may bring suicide thoughts. Therefore you must try to deal with it as soon as possible. Permanent depressions are such terrible things causing lots of problems to you and your family.I really want you to deal with your problems and wish you to become happy !! I am really so sorry for you, buddy !!Best wishes.
There's this thing called an "intrusive thought". It's an unpleasant thought or scenario that just kind of pops into your head. It's completely normal for everyone to experience this, however in your scenario, schizophrenia could also be one of the reasons it's happening or it could just be increasing how often you get these thoughts.
I'd say that has everything to do with it.

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