Tell me about America please?

2016-02-25 10:14
I live in britain but I'm visiting America soon. I have no idea what it will be like. I have some questions about americans: what kind of music do americans listen to? what kind of tv/movies do they watch? Do they speak a lot of Spanish there because I dont want to go there if I dont speak some of the language there. How do americans act? Are there a lot of spanish and black people there
We listen to all types of music. Depends on the person. We like to watch movies like Man of Steel, All of the Iron Man movies, and Thor, etc. Well i less i do. Don't worry about people speaking Spanish. A lot of us speak English. I think i act normal. On the last part it depends where you go to, but we are all Americans. :)
America is a great place to visit. Many wonderful and beautiful things to see. Almost all Americans speak English, our national language. Great stores, especially NY. Cities, countryside and vast plains. I happen to love this country.
Lot of Hispanics in southern California, maybe a 40/60 ratio Not all Americans are fat, but I high percentage of them are.

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