How do I get a 3 year old to take a nap? PLEASE HELP!

2016-02-24 16:09
I'm 13 and babysitting my friend's little sibilings, and there's 3 kids total. Their mom worked a night shift and is sleeping upstairs, so I can't just force them to take a nap without them screaming. Only one out of the three has to take a nap, she's 3, and everytime I tell her to she starts screaming and crying. Any suggestions!?!?
Start by reading the whole bunch a story, she probably won't take a nap because she is feeling left out. Then get all the kids to relax, maybe watch some tv or do homework, anything to calm them all down. After it is quite she will fall asleep and you and take her to her room for some uninterrupted nap time.
Try wearing them out. Take them in the backyard and have them run an obstacle course, or run laps around something. Make it competitive. Afterwards when they look kind of worn out, have them cuddle with you for a bit and watch TV or read a book to them to wind them down. It always worked wonders with my little spawn.
Lay him down and pat his back. That used to put my kids out. Also lightly rubbing the face, especially around the eyes. It makes them close their eyes and puts them out. if he's still in a crib, put a vac under and run it. Works like magic! Good luck!
You can ask her if she wants company .. and lay down with her for a few minutes. Sometimes just being left alone to nap is horrifying for a little one like that. Sometimes they just don't want to be left alone. If she had company .. even if you just read her a story might help to settle her down enough that she will fall off to sleep. Ask the mother, what she would suggest. SHE would know what would work .. and perhaps start a routine of a snack, then story, then a nap.
Just wait until they fall asleep (:

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