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2016-02-22 20:52
until my mother retired 6 months ago, my daughter 11 and my son 9 were watched by a babysitter (and friend of the family).. we still continue to visit her since she is like family. we just found out she has terminal cancer-and we don't know how to tell my son. I had cancer two years ago, so he keeps saying "you got better, so will she" this is going to devastate him when she passes away. they are very close. my daughter understands but how can I tell my son?
sit him down before its to late and let him know that every things gonna be alright cause shes in gods hands .
I've sat here trying to think of an answer. Ugh, I can't think of anyway he can avoid the hurt. The very best you can try to do is explain that some people can't get better. You don't want to frighten him, but you have to prepare him, since he is optimistic. I apologize with not being any help. The best you can do is let him know many people do get better,but some don't. Sorry. Good Luck! ( he sounds like a sweetie, so does she)
do what you think is right
It's a very hard situation and the best way to do it is to sit down with him and explain truthfully. Tell him that the type of cancer she has means that she is not going to get better and that you all need to enjoy your time with her now. I'm really sorry that I don't have better advice...it's a tough situation.

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