How do I tell a friend that I like him, well, more than a friend?

2016-02-20 15:01
If you have seen my other question from a few months ago, it's about the same guy. He was just some guy I worked with. I got to know him after awhile. We had this one particular deep talk that changed everything. It was when he told me he was an alcoholic (I discussed this in my last question). After coming to this site to ask what I should do, I decided to act, and told him straight up to get help because I really, truly, sincerely do care about him. Well, he did, thank goodness. He has been sober for a month now and I'm so very proud of him. As we have been getting closer (as friends) I started to develop a little crush. I have family issues, and I mean really bad issues. And because of that I have trust issues beyond comprehend. But he genuinely cares about me. I'm so scared, to be completely honest. I attempted to do it tonight when he was driving me home, but I just chickened out. I just told myself to let it go. He told his friend (which I'm friends with as well) that he thought I was cute and said that he freaks out whenever I walk home at night. I mean I'm 18 now, I need to grow up. But I have too much baggage with personal problems.
He needs to be permanently sober and 1 month is JUST a good start. Don't jump into a closer relationship unless he is permanently sober and you need each other.
Tell him with a kiss.
I have trust issues for reasons I will never speak of... my truly honest answer? a seed can't grow with out water and you can't win the lottery if you don't play... tell him, nothing to lose but everything to gain from a few simple words "do you want to hang out out side work some the?" or simply "wanna hang out some time?"
You could buy one of those plush animals you can record a brief message on and ask him if he'll date you on it and then give it to him and ask him to play the message. Then the plush can do the talking for you.
I leave the wisdom of dating someone with alcohol issues to your family to discuss; I suggest you talk to dad or mom or an older sister before you jump in. But I bet you can't or won't, because it's actually harder to talk to parents about boys than pulling teeth.There is no substitute for courage. You can ask him what he thinks about you, you can ask him what he calls the relationship. You can tell him you keep watching him whenever you are near, and finding opportunities to be near. You can tell him you don't know when you started seeing him in a different light, but you know you have changed how you see him. If he is receptive, you can define the relationship. If not, don't be worried overmuch, because he won't want to lose your friendship. So he likely may let you down easy.The thing is, if he hasn't had any romantic ideas about you up to this point, even if he shuts you down, he will probably be unable to think of anyone else but you for a couple days. Use that time to remind him what a thoughtful woman you are.

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