is something trying to communicate with us? why would it move these objects to a certain spot in our back yard? what is

2016-02-18 04:28
my sister got my mom a "happy Mother's Day" helium balloon. the balloon went missing and a few days later my dad came across it in the back yard behind the shed with a rock to keep it from flying away. We have no explanation of how it got there. a few months before this happened, he also found Barbie dolls behind the shed? we have lived in the house for 20 years and it was only 2 years old when we bought it.
Haha! It's your sisters secret hang out. Leave her a cupcake with lots of pink frosting.
Well you didn't say where the balloon was in the first place,maybe your dad opened the door and it flew out and he didn't want to say anything about it flying out. Now with those dolls after you told the story about the missing balloon. someone pull a joke on you with all those dolls and is laughing cause now you think things are happening. Stop freaking out if nothing happen before at home why even bother now?
Put up a game camera
It is very strange. Try looking around more in that spot, maybe dig up a bit and see if you find something. Unless it is some kids pranking you, you could have a spirit or demon trying to get your attention. Given that it was all in that spot, there could be something of great importance there.Id like to know if something does turn up of it though!
It is some neighborhood kids hiding behind your shed messing around. Happens all the time. They have chosen that as their secret place to hang out. Don't be surprised if you start finding cigarette butts back there.
Woah woah woah. Woah.Dude, don't jump to conclusions like THAT, okay? It's a helium balloon. It may have gotten caught in a tree nearby and someone returned it. Or, the more likely option is that you have a prankster or a stalker or a mass murderer or something like that living behind your shed. Take caution around it at night, and if you see something out there, don't just confront it, either. Keep a baseball bat by the door. If it happens more frequently or you feel threatened, contact the authorities.At the same time, it could be a thieving, loitering little kid. The possibilities are endless. But leave the supernatural stuff for the bottom of the list.
Animals will move things around. Cats do it. Raccoons do it. No such things as demons etc.

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